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Focusing on your Mission and Values is Key

You will often hear companies talk about how their mission and values drive success. But what does that really mean? Mission and values are often used as a guiding light by companies to attract talent and give employees a purpose for their work. TWG is proud of our mission and values and the motivation it provides to our employees, partners and everyone associated with our community.

TWG’s Mission Began in 2007 While some problems can be solved easily, others continue to persist. Accessibility to housing continues to be a hot-button issue in America today. According to Habitat for Humanity’s 2023 State of the Nation’s Housing report, 49% of households identified as “cost-burdened.”

As a worldwide real estate development leader, we understand the critical role we play in how communities are shaped. TWG’s central mission since its inception in 2007 surrounds the goal of providing communities with quality housing they can afford and the belief that housing is a right for all. This has led to a variety of unique communities coming to fruition in recent years.

For example, projects like 1827 Lofts – an Indianapolis community as a part of a larger redevelopment in partnership with Adult & Child Health, Colliers and Innovcare to bring affordable and workforce housing to transit-oriented areas – and Residences at Durango – the rehabilitation of a former Best Western Inn bringing affordable housing to those making 30-60% of the area’s median income (AMI) – are two of our latest housing communities highly central to our mission. Housing like these bring us together under a common purpose and help create communities aligned with our mission.

How Do Values Play a Role? Just last year, TWG realigned its values to align with our mission. These values include:

We are a team. We are strongest when we work together and understand each other's strengths and experiences are needed to move the company forward. We are tenacious. We don’t give up when the going gets tough. If we need to change directions to make something work, we will. We take on and overcome challenges as problem-solvers. We are honest and ethical. We act in good faith and make responsible, informed decisions. Integrity and sincerity drive our company. We are forward-thinking. We are dynamic and innovative with our approach. We are always open to new and different ways to move our organization forward.

The role these values play is as a path to follow for employees to help achieve our mission. If the mission statement is the car, the values are the fuel. The values are going to be how we get to where we want to be and how we achieve our mission and while keeping employees motivated.

Notably, each of these statements is a “we” statement, not an “I” statement, furthering the idea that our company as a whole is aligned under one common purpose. The Harvard Business Review reports that 63% of employees at companies with solid mission statements report being motivated, versus 31% at other companies. With employees being better motivated by a strong mission statement, it is important to provide values as access points for employees of TWG to find success and help turn that motivation into quality housing options for those who need it, together.

As TWG grows its presence nationwide and announces new developments, these communities were each created as a representation of our mission and values. Interested in learning more about TWG and how we put our mission and values into action? We invite you to learn more about us at