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With a new website revamp comes an internal revamp, too! The executive leadership team at TWG, and Tony Knoble our CEO and co-founder, have all been hard at work leading this internal transformation – determining what makes our company and our employees the best in the biz.

TWG has always lived forth the mission of providing housing for all Americans, and we stick by that mission today. What we wanted to do internally is re-evaluate our team’s own company values and mission statement, to better reflect who we are as an organization in this ever-changing world. This new set of company values, along with an updated mission statement, further emphasizes what we do as an organization and how we as team members work together to accomplish our goals across the nation.

TWG’s Updated Company Values Our employees are an extension of who we are. In creating the new value statements, our team decided to start each sentence with “we,” so that our company is aligned as we come together towards a common purpose. These values include:

We are a team. We are strongest when we work together and understand each other's strengths and experiences are needed to move the company forward.

We are tenacious. We don’t give up when the going gets tough. If we need to change directions to make something work, we will. We take on and overcome challenges as problem-solvers.

We are honest and ethical. We act in good faith and make responsible, informed decisions. Integrity and sincerity drive our company.

We are forward thinking. We are dynamic and innovative with our approach.

We are always open to new and different ways to move our organization forward.

TWG’s Updated Mission Statement Our overarching mission at TWG is to provide communities with quality housing they can afford, and we believe housing is a right for all. Our teams know that we are building a better world, one community at a time. Since 2007, TWG has rightfully been committed to constructing, developing, and managing quality housing.

Tony Knoble shared the following sentiment to our employees, with the announcement of these updates:

“Our mission and values are of utmost importance to us. They remind us each day why we do what we do,” Tony shared. “I can’t wait to keep doing it together. Thank you to all of our team members for inspiring us to create these new values. When we work together, growth isn’t just a possible next step; it’s inevitable.”

We look forward to sharing more company updates with you on our future blog posts! Stay tuned for more information, updates and content from our team through the end of the year.